Divorce Coping Tip for 1st June 2017

On days where your head-bound wordy washing machine rotates away, giving you irksome thoughts to cogitate and come up with clever solutions for, don’t you just wish you could find the ‘Off’ switch?

I’ve always found it helpful to plot out a bubbly mind map when I’m in that situation.

You don’t need to be artistic, you just need a piece of paper and an instrument to scrawl with.

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In the centre of your paper, draw a bubble and inside it write the name of the person causing you the most angst, highly likely to be your ex. Draw a stem from it and join it to another bubble and write a few words about whatever is causing you the most grief, be it child-care arrangements, or procrastination of signing papers. If that bubble has another level of angst leading from it, draw another line and continue on until you have emptied your head of the contents of the washing machine.

The exercise doesn’t offer an instant solution to your problems, but you will have gone a long way to externalise your clear and present turbulence and that might lead to a better night’s sleep and possible conclusions.

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