Divorce Coping Tip for 18th June 2017

Last week, I talked about mentally preparing yourself for Father’s Day. Well, here it is, are you ready?

Are you ready for the guilty/inadequate feelings you may endure for sending a card on behalf of your children/not sending a card on behalf of your children/not receiving a card and questioning your very existence/encouraging them to send one and failing/coping with a difficult conversation with children regarding sending one to a step-parent/getting a card and questioning why that’s all they’ve done if you haven’t seen them in a while/sending a card to your ex’s dad, or simply doing something for your own dad, knowing he’s going to tear you off a strip for splitting up?

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Cut it how you may, if you have children or a living father, you are unlikely to get through the day emotionally unscathed.

Look forward to the bit at the end of the day when you can plop yourself into a warm bath and relive any really good bits (if there were any) and wash the rough stuff away. Tomorrow is another day; hopefully next year will be a little easier.

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