Divorce Coping Tip for 17th June 2017

Paperwork, oh paperwork; the bane of an apprentice divorcee.

I know precisely how frustrating it feels to have yet another fat envelope full of forms plop onto the doormat, especially when they require your best handwriting to fill them all in.

So when your Self-Assessment Tax forms arrive, I completely understand the temptation to leave them to the last possible moment to complete; let’s face it, you don’t actually have to do them until next year, technically!

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If you can cope with a bit of online hoo haa you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much quicker the process is.

It may be in your best interests to complete your return at the earliest opportunity and if you have children be sure to complete your Child Tax Credit forms too, especially if you are struggling along financially. You may find once the tax offices join their dots, you might be in line for a rebate but more importantly, if the monetary swing has swung the other way and you act swiftly, you’ll not incur an enormous bill that you need to repay.

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