Divorce Coping Tip for 10th June 2017

Solicitors are one of the most expensive professionals to employ the services of and it can feel a little intimidating going through the process if you’ve never spoken to one before.

You may think that every tiny question you ask and every minute it takes them to answer you, is notching up your bill and you’d be right. That said, most solicitors do offer a free hour of consultation before you sign them up; be sure to make the most of every second of that free time!

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Once the divorce is underway, remember you can do some of the work yourself, if you are up to it emotionally, which may make your bill a bit lighter but be aware that it may slow the process down a touch.

Be sure to document everything you do and ask your solicitor to detail all the tasks they have undertaken for you with a clear note of the time it has taken them and don’t be afraid to challenge them if you think it is unreasonable or excessive.

If you become very disenchanted with poor service and excessive and unjustified costs, you can refer your case up to the Legal Ombudsman or The Law Society (UK). This is unlikely to give you a swift result, but it will certainly be investigated; just bear in mind you have a limited time in which to do so.

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