Divorce Coping Tip for 8th May 2017

‘Divorce is crap – get over it!’ It’s a strange take on what could easily be termed one of the most stressful life events, ever, but this is advice that may well be sent your way from acquaintances who have suffered terribly inside their own divorces.

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For some people, there are no soft boundaries for self-exploration during this difficult time, they prefer to take a cut and dry approach, hence the sharply direct tone in their words.

Unemotional pragmatism is all they need to get by, yet for others, a deeper understanding of the process is required for them to make sense of what’s going on in head and heart. I’m guessing you are one such soul, seeking tools to help you get through it; I hope my Coping Tips are doing just that.

In essence however, the above advice is right, it’s just not delivered in the most compassionate way, but do hold onto the fact that you will indeed get over it, in your time, in your way.

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