Divorce Coping Tip for 4th May 2017

In an ideal world, all marriages would thrive, we’d procreate the optimum 2.2 children and alongside them, rear uber-obedient companion dogs that the children would walk every day after they’d done homework and a handful of chores.

The children would grow well, flourish in their educative years and contribute to their local communities via the voluntary sector and as a nuclear unit you’d watch reruns of the Waltons on Sunday afternoons and you’d hum the theme tune as the kids did the washing up and you sat and read a book…

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Or maybe, they’d have the odd divorce to contend with and perhaps a remarriage to work into their emotional schedule and life would be a little trickier.

Being inaugurated into the role of a potential step-parent is hurdle enough, being fully welcomed and loved as one is a sought after major achievement and it doesn’t matter how lovely you are as a person, sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

Be patient, be loving and above all be yourself to create the best circumstances to forge a good relationship but remember, ‘The best laid schemes of mice and men oft go awry’.

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