Divorce Coping Tip for 30th May 2017

If you’ve used the services of the Child Support Agency or a similar organisation to claim monies from an errant or absent parent to help you raise your child/ren, you’ll know that keeping on top of the paperwork is paramount.

If you think you may end up going down this route, heed this tip as a cautionary prompt to get prepared and get organised.

Mark down the nights the child/ren stay with you and keep hold of receipts for anything you purchase for them such as school uniform, payments for school trips and so on.

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Also, ensure you keep an eye on whether the other parent lives up to the amount of nights they advise the CSA they plan to have the child/ren in their overnight care. It’s easy for them to promise one thing and for the dates to go down and your expenses to ramp up.

By keeping the authorities informed of what’s been going on, you’ll be one step ahead of the game and hopefully a little closer to getting the help your child/ren are due.

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