Divorce Coping Tip for 2nd May 2017

You might think that peaceful, seemingly compliant negotiations of the split of worldly goods and chattel between you and your ex, are a good sign; you’re right, they might be!

However, do ponder the fact that it doesn’t matter how calm you feel the dialogue has been, hindsight might advise you not to trust them as far as you could throw the top tier of your wedding cake.

The person we metamorphose into during the divorce era, is a million miles away from the person we fell in love with and whispered, ‘I do’ to.

Don’t be confused or deludedly seduced into thinking they are one and the same.

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Anger, frustration, sadness, desperation and pure and simple shock that you’ve gone can evoke some very powerful reactions, so be on your guard if you’re lucky enough to see an out of character ‘nice’ side to their personality that you never knew existed, because it probably doesn’t!

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