Divorce Coping Tip for 25th May 2017

Summer has finally arrived in the UK and better late than never.

Gardens and hedgerows here are bursting with the first signs of fruits and vegetables and a calming walk in your rural or urban green spaces will show this to be true.

Whatever season you find yourself immersed in when you read this tip, it is a safe assumption that you may well be in the next one, or more likely beyond, when your divorce concludes. Turn time on it’s head in a positive way by not wishing the days away and embracing the months instead. Use what Mother Nature is presenting you with as your yardstick.

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Right now in late May, my immediate vicinity is covered in wild garlic. Resplendent white flowers flourish atop the tall green shoots, with slick deep green leaves resembling tulip foliage splaying out from the base of the stem. All deliciously edible (incredible as wild garlic pesto) and of course fantastically free.

Find a foraging book from your local bookshop or library, I can highly recommend Food For Free by Richard Mabey and see what exciting things you have to look forward to in the month ahead, instead of worrying over what stage your divorce will be at.

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