Divorce Coping Tip for 28th April 2017

If all your ex has done since you broke up, is make a great deal of intolerable noise, whilst they flail around in the death throes of your marriage, hold onto the fact that you might soon be given the silent treatment.

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A riled ex can jump from one extreme behaviour to another and it’s interesting to note that each situation holds benefits and negative points.

Silence is golden, until you are trying to set up a line of communication for say, children, collecting post or splitting possessions, in which case silence is no help whatsoever. Slamming the phone down is another common juvenile action which generally leads to enormous frustration.

Conversely, noise via abusive texts, angry emails, constant phone calls, door knocking and more is also an utter invasion that can leave you exhausted and feeling unable to go anywhere for fear of another barrage.

Extreme forms of the latter can be classed as harassment and if you are in this situation, seek advice from your solicitor or call the police for measures to be put in place to stop it.

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