Divorce Coping Tip for 15th April 2017

If you stumble across any unexplainable hitches during the early days of your separation with regards to your finances, you might like to get up close and personal with them by contacting a credit reference agency.

This can be particularly useful and reassuring if you were not involved a great deal with the financial side of your former relationship.

They hold information of county court judgments for debt, bankruptcy information, details of previous searches made by organisations against their databases and details of individual accounts, highlighting any late payments history, amongst other things.

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It may well be that you have absolutely nothing to worry about, but approved agencies like Equifax, Callcredit or Experian (UK) will let you know if you have anything pegged against your name for a fee of around £2.00.

If there are any anomalies, you can set about putting them right and divorcing yourself from anything that you’re not responsible for.

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