Divorce Coping Tip for 2nd January 2017

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Divorce is one of the hardest life experiences an individual ever goes through, so what happens if you pull all your strands back together and move on to a new marriage, only to confront the same situation again?

Divorce for second time arounders runs the risk of being even worse in many respects. Your friends might not be so welcoming of weepy phone calls and visits. You may have accusations made about your bad judgements for diving into another relationship and you may also be juggling the added complications of what you’re supposed to do with any stepchildren you may have formed good connections with.

It’s a class A mess alright and the best thing you can do is take the whole thing slowly, ensuring stability for your mental health is paramount above all other decisions.

Talking to your doctor and knowing they are keeping a watchful eye on you may seem as though it’s all you have at the beginning, but as you prepare to set foot in the mire again, that might be enough to get you through it.

All things pass, my thoughts are with you.

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