Divorce Coping Tip for 1st November 2016

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There’s nothing like the arrival of a new month to make me feel like I’ve been given an untouched slice of time, a fresh segment of minutes that hold great possibilities.

If you enter November thinking it’s just another 30 days of solicitors dragging their heels and procrastinating ex’s throwing spanners in the works, you’ll miss the joy of this pivotal period of time. As the cold really sets in, the trees change visually, enormously and you’ll see time swiftly passing as the winds blow the days along.

The difference of upholding an upbeat and optimistic perspective, or maintaining a downbeat dour one, is poles apart and I know which I prefer.

Look at the trees and think about all the necessary tasks required to be undertaken during your divorce and imagine them as leaves. Tick them off as efficiently as you can and wait for your tree to lose all its foliage, then prepare for a short sleep before you burst forth and blossom again.

You have to die before you can live again.

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