Divorce Coping Tip for 27th October 2016

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If you are planning on leaving your married partner some time soon, I would advise you to take advantage of crucial preparation and planning time, especially if you are going to move out of the house you share together.

Ensure you have key items of paperwork, including passports, birth and marriage certificates, banking and financial information and so on. Also, if you able to make a room by room inventory of items that you have bought during your married years, special items of furniture, expensive art and so on, that will come in very handy when you speak to your solicitor about how the house and its contents are going to be fairly split.

It might seem mercenary as you prepare a list of seemingly unimportant inanimate objects, but everything has a value and once you start the ball rolling, your legal team will have finances at the core of all they do.

You must ensure you present your legal representative with as much information as possible, photos might be useful, get those if you can; the sand timer is almost out of sand, make the most of every grain.

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