Divorce Coping Tip for 18th October 2016

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Before you enter the meeting with your solicitor to discuss financial matters, I advise you to be better prepared than a high ranking Boy Scout.

The less work your legal team have to do, the more money you’ll be able to hold onto, so go in armed with as much as you can from the following list.

An up to date valuation of your property

current mortgage status

valuations on any other assets

CETV values of pensions

your most recent P60 and 4+ payslips

self-employed folks will need to bring their books for the past 2 years

a valuation of the business from your accountant

12 months bank/building society statements

the surrender value of endowments

your last tax return

details of shares held

credit card statements

outstanding loan details

and finally, in as much detail as you can provide, your income requirements.

This bit is undoubtedly the most mentally taxing segment of your divorce and the sooner you tick all these irritations off the list, the better; good luck with it all.

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