Divorce Coping Tip for 16th October 2016

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It can be incredibly difficult being a parent and trying to forge a new life after you’ve divorced a controlling, demonstrative ex.

If your children have become so used to seeing a parent communicating and behaving badly, there’s a likelihood that they’ll adopt those very same traits. They see bad behaviour but think it’s normal; that’s quite an exhausting tide to fight against.

You could easily end up in a fractious situation with your child that leaves you feeling as though you are stood there in dialogue with your ex. You hackles will go up in self-defence and it might even make you feel as though they have violated your living space by channeling their anger through your child.

Treat each of these situations with calm, loving patience and remember, your vile ex isn’t in your home, you are safe and the child needs kindhearted urging towards more socially acceptable ways to behave.

They’ll either work it out for themselves and sharpen up, or fall down the same path, where history runs a horrible risk of repeating itself.

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