Divorce Coping Tip for 9th September 2016

Taking intimidation from your ex ‘on the chin’ is an awful lot harder than it sounds.

Theoretically, once you’ve separated and you’re on the long and winding road to divorce, you don’t actually have to spend a great deal of time in their presence, if at all, so what should you do when they are pulling all the stops out to make you feel insignificant and worthless?

There are several answers to this and it depends upon how patient you are, how unjustly treated you feel you’ve been and how much you want to rattle their cage, being fully aware of the consequences of your actions.

If you smile and ignore them that’s probably the best course of action. It will undoubtedly irk them but you have to ask yourself whether you can let them seemingly get away with behaving badly towards you yet again. If you bite back with an, ‘I’m not taking any more of your crap’, approach, metaphorical blood will probably spill but you might feel better about standing up for yourself.

Emotional shrapnel is inevitable when your ex considers themselves King or Queen of the Mind Games; you might need to rewrite the rules on what constitutes a winner.

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