Divorce Coping Tip for 24th September 2016

A financially switched on horrid ex – and there are plenty of those believe me – may well present as Jekyll and Hyde as you get to the bit where you sort out your finances.

They’ll adopt all the pressuring tactics they can get their hands on, in order to transfer the weight of the world onto your shoulders, in the hope you will buckle and settle early for far less than you are entitled to.

All I can advise you to do is bat it all back.

Don’t cave in with their sob stories and don’t break down into a puddle when they project all their inane madness onto you. Hold on to what you set out to do and if they are behaving in an harassing way, inhibit direct dialogue. Have them go through an intermediary instead, your solicitor ideally, but if that’s too costly an option, ask a favour of a strong sibling or a dear chum.

Their monetary whinging and whining is less likely to permeate a human barrier.

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