Divorce Coping Tip for 14th September 2016

It’s best if you allow your children to process and digest your divorce, in their own time.

Keep as many threads of communication open with them as you can, starting with spoken dialogue of course, but also include texts, emails and letters.

Sometimes it’s easier for them to say things to you indirectly, perhaps the non-eye contact method with no chance of physical confrontation, feels like a safer bet for them.

Do your best to respond in the way you would speak to them, but keep it on a level that you know they will be able to understand. Use honest vocabulary but be gentle and give them permission to express themselves without fear of retribution or backlash.

Whatever their motives, whatever their methods, embrace the line that appears to work best for the children and constantly reassure them of your love and understanding.

After all, they didn’t ask you to get divorced.

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