Divorce Coping Tip for 13th September 2016

Grocery shopping can be a necessary pain in the posterior, at the best of times.

However, when you are up to your backside in matters divorce, this necessary task to get hold of the simplest of provisions, compounds your problems, especially if the place you have to shop in runs a likelihood of having to bump into your ex.

There are two straightforward options open to you. Either change your supermarket, which might not be that simple if you live in a remote area and you don’t have a great deal of choice. Alternatively, get your head around internet shopping. Many stores offer a discount on orders placed by new customers and a great many offer free delivery over a certain amount and some are happy to do your shopping and leave it in the collection area, making a visit to the store efficient and swift.

Turn your experience on its head and find the positive in the changes you need to embrace. It’s no hardship giving up schlepping up and down those soulless aisles, give me an online shopping trolley any day!

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