Divorce Coping Tip for 12th September 2016

Splitting up in later years, or silver separation as it is more commonly known, seems to be a trend on the rise.

Perhaps there’s a wave of modern, more self-assured and assertive souls who’ve realised their life doesn’t have to roll to the bitter end, suffering in a bitter marriage.

People who were super-busy ex-execs are often plunged into great periods with nothing to do, but collect their pension and spend it with their spouses. The trouble is, many realise they barely know each other, because they’ve been too focused on the pursuit of money, instead of inner happiness.

For anyone who has notched up a few decades of marriage, the prospect of being alone might feel like it’s a terrifying one but you’ll get through it and probably be surprised at how much of a wider world there is out there.

Do your best to dedicate as much time as you need to ensuring your financial separations are fair and equitable; your empire wasn’t built in 7 days.

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