Divorce Coping Tip for 10th September 2016

How do you self-repair from an ex who has abused you physically, mentally, perhaps even sexually?

You take a deep breath and decide to do precisely that.

Your ex will continue to oppress you as long as you give them the opportunities and power to do so and the first steps in reclaiming the reins come by stating that it’s happened for the final time.

You may well need counselling and additional assistance from your doctor and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Containing the poison within is probably the most unhelpful course of action you can take.

I am often asked whether top level abuse can ever be truly overcome and I am reminded of the brave words spoken by Michelle Knight, the dear soul who was kidnapped in Ohio in 2002 and regained her freedom in 2013. She said, ‘From this moment on, I will not let you define me or affect who I am’.

That’s top level advice.

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