Divorce Coping Tip for 8th August 2016

If you are feeling particularly vulnerable, it’s easy to take a critical wound from somebody who throws you a cutting remark.

How do you protect yourself against them shooting a harpoon directly underneath your protective barrier?

Actually, I wish I had the answer, especially as I took a scathing sleight recently that got right under my skin for a while until I had time to analyse it.

Once the scab had dried, I saw it for what it was; a loose friend of the ex who had clearly made their mind up about what transpired in my divorce and they were goading me to lay out all the bloody details therein.

No way!

It’s a fundamental human flaw in some people to be provocative with a view to being downright nosey and finding out all the juicy gossip.

Wash the blood off of your wound, ignore them or tell them to get lost, put the kettle on and think about how shallow and sad their existence must be, if all they can do is poke you with their nasty little stick.

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