Divorce Coping Tip for 19th August 2016

Single parenting is no easy chore and if you’re having to deal with the day to day of the school holidays, which will soon be the school run again, alongside getting divorced, you are nothing short of amazing.

Remember that!

Hold onto your achievements as you strive to fit in all the necessary preparation for them to return to school in September. If you have children who are old enough to help around the house, encourage them to do so and explain that you have a temporary high workload right now with additional time critical responsibilities, their help will be enormously appreciated, promise a pay back with their favourite supper.

If you have friends or family nearby who have offered to assist with childcare, second-hand clothes, shared school runs and so on, take them up on their offer. The more time you can dedicate to keeping on top of your divorce physically and emotionally, the better it is for everyone.

Finally, cut yourself some slack and remember to make time to play and laugh; the madness will end.

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