Divorce Coping Tip for 30th July 2016

Last year, I wrote a poem called, ‘I’ve Struggled Today’ which talks about how tricky it can be to carve a route through a regular day when the fangs of divorce have a firm grip on your backside.

If you are feeling the pressure of your divorce or separation, put pen to paper and just write about how you feel. Do it by way of a letter to yourself, or a letter to your ex that you don’t intend to post, or a poem if you feel so inspired, or perhaps a short story.

Whatever you write, once you are the other side of the piece I am sure you’ll find a pocket of mental respite in having got those irritating words out of your head and onto paper (electronic or actual).

Then consider the merits of burning it or burying it. Sending the angst back to the Universe is a very healing way of dealing with caustic words.

I must say, my favourite demise for such pieces is careful burning in a controlled way in the garden. It’s not about the delivery, it’s all about the externalisation. Write out your darkness today.

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