Divorce Coping Tip for 22nd July 2016

As tempting as it might be to have your children deliver messages to their other parent when they visit them, don’t do it!

This warning comes with an exclamation mark too, it is a serious parental offence and one that you’ll end up paying a price for, eventually.

Children are delicate souls and they might not show it, but their emotions run as high as yours, if not higher, especially if you reach the, ‘I don’t want to see that person ever again, let alone talk to them!’ stage.

Be the grown-up here and preface phone calls to your ex with something along the lines of, ‘Look, I realise we aren’t doing too well at this communicating thing, but I need to tell you X, Y and Z. Why don’t you chew that over and get back to me when you have a moment, thanks, bye’…

Alternatively, call them when you know the answerphone will intercept the call and you can speak with more confidence because you know you won’t have to engage conversation.

Be sure to be out when you get the return call and everybody wins.

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