Divorce Coping Tip for 26th June 2016

If your divorce is going badly (and let’s face it, few of them go without an upset hitch) and you have children, you may have to face up to the reality that you might end up in court.

This last resort route is expensive for all concerned, both emotionally and financially and it’s potentially excruciatingly painful for your children.

Despite any vile behaviours exhibited by your ex, you must fight and resist the urge to go on to your favourite social media outlets and wax lyrical about how awful they are.

If you do end up standing in front of a judge in due course, they will not take kindly to your actions and it may work against you if you do, which would be especially upsetting if you have been wearing the goodies uniform all along and simply using FaceTwit to let off steam.

Hold your composure, bite your tongue and rise above the temptation.

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