Divorce Coping Tip for 25th June 2016

If you have living parents and you’re getting divorced, some days you might not know which element feels worse; the divorce or the parental grilling.

Some parents feel they have a sacred right to knowing the ins and outs of the entire situation and that you have an obligation to fill in all the gaps; guess what, they don’t and you don’t!

It can be impossibly hard to untie the Gordian knot and explain everything in digestible chunks to them and equally challenging to abstain from confronting those complicated layers of interpersonal events that transpire between you and your ex. You might feel caught between the devil and the deep blue sea in your decision.

Ultimately, your mental health and well being are paramount and should take precedent over discussions with parents, siblings, actually anyone come to that. If you don’t wish to discuss it, make a firm but polite request in the first instance and if they go on about it, take a stronger tone and turn the request into an instruction.

You need to do all you can to stay on top of things emotionally and your rights deserve to be respected.

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