Divorce Coping Tip for 24th June 2016

During the initial meetings with your solicitor, you will be expected to provide them with a diverse array of information. It will help them and save you time and money if you prepare your responses efficiently in advance of any meetings.

Your initial meeting should certainly include as much of the following as is possible. Clear and concise reasons why you want a divorce including information on any domestic abuse (emotional, mental, financial, sexual and physical), addresses of both parties with separation dates and details, the names, ages, residency and contact arrangements of any children you have, all of your financial information (salary, savings, pension, mortgage/rent, benefits, debts), background information on related issues, ie dependency on drug/alcohol, infidelity and your marriage certificate and birth certificate or passport for proof of ID.

Be on the ball from the offset and invest in a foolscap lever arch file and some plastic wallets and do your level best to go into every meeting with all the paperwork that pertains to your case.

Your remaining coffers will be delighted you did.

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