Divorce Coping Tip for 14th June 2016

Whilst you are enveloped in the maelstrom of divorce (and indeed at many other busy junctures in your future) it can be very hard – if not impossible – to successfully meet all the targets you set for yourself.

Be it getting the laundry off the line before the rain comes, or getting the roast in the oven for a perfect mid-day meal, picking the kids up from a friends house, having your hair cut, mowing the lawn, phoning your mother or getting your Coping Tip of the Day scheduled on the computer so it goes out at midnight!

Don’t overstretch yourself, mentally, physically or emotionally if you can help it. Learn how to say, ‘Actually, no I can’t’ and cut yourself some slack.

If you don’t meet all of your deadlines, it’s unlikely that anyone will die as a result (unless you are an anaesthetist) so slow down your pace and let a few things fall through the gaps.

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