Divorce Coping Tip for 12th June 2016

Today’s tip is a distraction technique to make your mouth water. According to About Divorce, it takes 3 to 6 months on average from the date when the divorce petition is lodged with the court until the Decree Absolute or Final Order. Different courts have different timescales and the process will take longer if either of you delays at any point.

A few months is a conservative estimate and if you are ticking the days off until you hit the magic 100, you might find yourself disappointed as you hit 80 or 90 and are nowhere near the end.

Instead of striking the days off the calendar in a negative way, try doing something that counts the days up and goes beyond your expectations in a positive way; make a dry-cured ham and look at around 90 days plus.

You’ll need a pig or boars leg, a large crate, salt, a rub, some netting and ideally a north facing larder or cool room to store it while it cures. There are lots of mouthwatering recipes available on the net and you’ll be spoiled for choice once you start looking.

Once you’ve completed the necessary processes, the taste and flavours deepen the longer you leave the ham and if your divorce becomes prolonged, try to flip the way you look at it and remember every additional day will make a mouthwatering difference and you’ll have the perfect reason to celebrate your liberty and freedom when it arrives.

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