Divorce Coping Tip for 11th June 2016

They say that love on the rebound is bound for failure; believe me when I tell you that is complete and utter tosh.

Once you’ve separated from your ex-spouse, essentially, the world is your oyster, but if you do dive into a new relationship soon after, you run a high risk of backlash from ‘the they’ saying, ‘Oh, they were probably doing it for years, I’ve always seen that glint in their eye’ and an assortment of other idle slander.

If you were faithful in your relationship, those unfounded comments have a way of piercing your very soul with harpoon-like barbs. If you were playing away from home, it may still hurt to have your guilty boils lanced for the world to watch but the only person you have to square it all up with is yourself; you know what went on in your marriage.

Assuming you are in a fresh field and starting again, be mindful of the pitfalls if you decide to plough into a new relationship while you’re still negotiating your way out of your last one.

If you find yourself presented with a potential suitor who looks as though they may hit the mark, even on a platonic friendship level, be honest with them about your living timeline; the flack might be just over the hill once ‘the they’ get hold of the news.

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