Divorce Coping Tip for 5th May 2016

If you’ve had a mini-makeover in the wake of your separation or divorce, you might like to consider giving your computer, tablet and other mobile devices one too.

Find something uplifting for the home page and seek out images that make you smile for wallpaper.

Choose new colours and fonts and make sure you don’t have painful reminders of your ex jump out of the screen and bite you every time you power up.

Rename folders that have photographs in that you’d rather not look at right now and put them out of sight, maybe file them away in sub-folders so you don’t have to look at their name.

A thorough technology tidy-up is likely to take around an hour or two, by the time you’ve gone through all of your most commonly used files, but it will be time well invested.

Power up, power on.

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