Divorce Coping Tip for 22nd May 2016

It never fails to amaze me why spiteful exs behave so badly during the death throes of a marriage, but it’s almost impossible to digest why they continue to do so, years after the divorce has been finalised!

It’s also difficult to work out what they are trying to achieve by doing so.

If it’s a stab at reconciliation, they are going a bizarre way around getting the message across of their undying love.

If it’s simply to vent more anger and bile at you because you left them, I guess it will only serve to remind you that you made the best decision by getting out of that relationship.

The simple fact is, if they are a little ‘off the rails’ you are unlikely to be able to work them out by applying logic as they aren’t singing from the same hymn sheet and this also applies to working out what they are going to do next.

You might have better luck predicting next week’s lottery balls; I wish you luck trying, on both fronts.

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