Divorce Coping Tip for 12th April 2016

As you approach the tail end of your relationship, you may find eating out together becomes a fraught and less frequent affair.

Breaking bread at the same table can be hard enough, but if sharing conversation pushes the event to its limit, you’ll do well to take note of how you feel about being out with your dinner partner.

Stress and food is a great recipe for stomach complaints, as you struggle to digest the rest of the gripes.

However, once you’re the other side of the wall, seek out a new restaurant that appeals to all of your taste buds, somewhere you’ve never been as a couple and book yourself a table for one. Enjoy getting yourself ready to go out, then relish further in how fabulous you feel inside, knowing this is going to be a deliciously, slow, mouthwatering meal that you can consume at your pace, in peace.

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