Divorce Coping Tip for 10th April 2016

Pack a supper-flavoured picnic with a flask of your favourite warming beverage and some good eye protection, then head off to watch the sunset at a beautiful local viewpoint, or perhaps a beach or another body of water.

Everything changes as the sun heads off around the planet; your divorce will be a step further on, the paperwork will have a few less sheets to read or fill in, the levels of pain might have increased temporarily but the concluding end of the maelstrom is definitely a day closer too.

If you catch the sun just as it prepares to drop down onto the horizon, you’ll notice it seems to move remarkably quickly towards the end; hold onto that thought.

I know it can be incredibly difficult to see the upside when the pain hurts so badly, but try to feel blessed that you had a chance to experience another day, glory, warts and all.

When you see the sun the following day, hopefully your disposition and levels of optimism will be a bit brighter too.

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