Divorce Coping Tip for 17th February 2016

One of my favourite views of a sunflower is during her dying days, when the leaves have all shrivelled up and the seeds are prominent and ready for harvest. I revel in this moribund phase further whenever I see Van Gogh’s oil on canvas of a dozen sunflowers.

Art can be incredibly distracting if you’re in the right mood and are willing to let your mind wander. It can also offer temporary relief to a torrid situation. Plan a trip to an art gallery – a great many are still free – and view the work with your new perspective.

Seek out artists in your area, or maybe head to the capital to take in some of the nationally acclaimed pieces. In larger venues, you’ll frequently be able to find enormous, pondersome benches where you can while away a few peaceful hours, gathering your thoughts and centering your being.

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