Divorce Coping Tip for 3rd January 2016

I spent some time listening to a phone-in on divorce this morning on the radio.

Within a handful of callers, both men and women, there were many different perspectives given on this tenuous topic. Some couples had managed to hold onto civility for the sake of their children in most cases, whilst others were still reeling with pain caused by their vitriolic ex’s vile behaviour.

What I found most interesting was that some of the divorces took place almost two decades ago and the upset was as raw as it had ever been.

Divorce is a life changing event and it is likely to leave a scar across your heart. If you are able to minimise the damage by keeping the tone as calm as possible, it might be an investment in the long term.

Whatever you decide to do to stop tempers from flaring, don’t give in to what is rightfully yours during the financial divide. You are both entitled to 50% of your jointly amassed wealth. If you throw that down the river, you’ll might find yourself chewing on that bitter pill two decades down the line too.

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