Divorce Coping Tip for 28th December 2015

It’s incredible how much paperwork you amass during a divorce.

There’s not only forms galore to fill in, in triplicate in some cases, with ensuing reams of bitter words on paper going back and forth between upset parties, but when it comes to your financial settlement, you’ll be trawling over bank statements and receipts for years gone by too, all of which will need copying and collating; it’s an entire forest’s worth of grief.

So what do you do with it once the Decree Absolute has arrived and the final account has been settled?

Recently, a UK student fashioned hundreds of old divorce papers into a wedding dress, that she put forward as an examination piece for her GCSE, very impressive.

I decided to burn mine, they were a thorn in my side to look at for what seemed like an eternity, sitting there blinking at me from the chunky red file they were squashed into. It was incredibly gratifying if I’m honest and once the vitriol had been turned to ash, I threw the lot into the bottom of a composting box that I plan to grow potatoes in.

Enjoy whatever you decide to do with yours, it’s a unique, surreal and healing experience for sure.

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