Divorce Coping Tip for 7th November 2015

In Japan in the early 1600’s and for over 250 years, a common man could divorce his wife by writing her a short letter stating he no longer wished to be married.

It was known as a mikudari-han, which translates to three lines and a half.

If it was accepted by the woman, the divorce was essentially complete. In a great many cases, the letter didn’t state the reasons for wanting a divorce, even if the wife were solely responsible for the breakdown of the marriage. Detailed explanations of what had brought the man to this point were discouraged, as apportioning the blame would hold up the proceedings.

Thankfully, modern practices are dramatically different, however, the reason this piqued my attention was to encourage you to consider writing such a letter if you are about to ask for a divorce; not with the intention of sending it, but with the hope that you’ll sit quietly with calm reserve and put all of your thoughts on paper.

Getting your head in the right space is vital and a serious note to self is a good place to begin.

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