Divorce Coping Tip for 12th November 2015

There are several things you’ll do well to give a wide berth to during your divorce; here are two that should be high on the list.

Having sex with your ex and making drunken phone calls to them.

The former goes without saying if one has their sane head screwed on, yet apparently, it is remarkably common with recent research suggesting that one in 5 indulge intimately with their ex spouse. If it’s unprotected, it has the potential to deliver a whole new box of complicated frogs to the party.

That said, post-split encounters can be a very good way of confirming to yourself that you are doing the right thing. The body often works on subliminal levels and it might be just what you need to put the full stop at the end of your sentence.

Then there’s the drunken phone call, an unforgivably stupid thing to do that could drop you into a pot of very hot water. Avoid it at all costs and if you really must get squiffy and silly, do it with a sensible friend who will take care of you and ensure you won’t reach out for a telephone.

You are pursuing a course that will draw your marriage to a close. If you feel there is hope that you can make it work, it should begin with lots of dialogue and honesty, not by leaping in the sack.

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