Divorce Coping Tip for 4th October 2015

When verbal artillery starts hitting the fan and chaos rules between you and your ex, there are often things said in the heat of the moment that have the power to cut to the bone.

Some of the insults, accusations and general statements are probably perfectly valid and one can feel a triumphant sense of achievement as they leave the mouth. However, they’re often followed up by an equally acidic retort and before you know it, you are mentally exhausted, no further forward and to be honest, slanging matches usually only serve to make things worse.

So what do you do with the build up of sentiments you need to articulate that are pushing forward with the strength of a huge body of water? Start an anonymous blog.

They are free and super-simple to set up, I highly recommend WordPress as a starting point. You can customise the colours and images and set them up to have a global or selective readership, or no readership at all if you choose. The point being, a nom de plume blogspace on the internet could turn your turmoil into a pithy blog that extracts the words from of your head, releasing pent up stress and if you do open it up to the reading world, you might find other people derive comfort in your words too.

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