Divorce Coping Tip for 22nd October 2015

The lead up to leaving your spouse is such a bizarre and unique time, you are unlikely to encounter any other period like it.

You alone know what you intend to do. You also know, the minute you press that Big Red Button, everything you believe to be simple, true and predictable will cease to be. Even if your soon-to-be-ex is expecting an upheaval in your relationship, nothing can prepare them or you for the crash actually taking place.

You are responsible for your actions. You are not responsible for the actions of others. To a large degree, you are going to have to take what happens in the immediate future on the chin until the dust has settled and you are able to regroup.

So, before you stand at the end of your end, ask yourself if you’ve done all you can to make your marriage work, if there’s any way you can be happy with your partner or if the only sensible course of action is to draw a line under your relationship and to start afresh; the Big Red Button awaits.

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