Divorce Coping Tip for 21st October 2015

If you are hopeless at keeping appointments organised and remembering what happened when, be honest and admit it to yourself, or you’re going to seriously struggle to keep on top of your ensuing divorce.

Buy an inexpensive A5 diary – regardless of whatever time of year it is – and make summary notes of any telephone calls you have with your legal team, of key discussion points you have during communication with your ex, of nights your children stay with you/them, of calls to any external bodies like the child benefit office, pension companies, estate agents, insurance companies in fact, just about anybody or any firm that has a direct impact on your divorce.

Even those who consider themselves to have sharp memories will have their abilities stretched to the limit.

If it all gets a bit oppressive, you can close the book and shove it in a drawer until you are ready to face the onslaught of another day.

Failure to keep your finger on the pulse will cost you emotionally and financially and there will be little chance of a refund on either.

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