Divorce Coping Tip for 1st October 2015

Recently, my inbox has been buoyant with a variety of requests to help with a multitude of school projects for the PTA.

If there was ever a time you wanted to find a positive distraction from divorce angst, whilst helping to do something extremely useful, the coming months are going to give you such an opportunity, if you have children at school.

There will undoubtedly be chances to create and paint scenery for the Christmas performance and stitches will need to be pulled together in an array of costumes. There will be jams and cakes to make, bring and buy sales and craft stalls to organise and fundraising ideas will be welcomed from anyone with time enough to invest.

If you’ve lost touch with what’s going on with your children at school during your divorce, perhaps this might be the ideal time to be baptised by fire into the PTA and to become fully immersed and reconnected with what’s occurring.

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