Divorce Coping Tip for 12th October 2015

Tonight’s tip was inspired by a mother who dropped me a line asking for advice on how to deal with an arrogant son in the wake of her divorce.

He is riddled with anger that arose during the tail end of her marriage to his father and it’s in serious need of management, for him primarily, but the poor mother is at the end of her string.

His attitude is steeped in illogical, selfish behaviour and it feels as though he is on a constant mission to push her patience beyond it’s limit and to make her suffer for the misfortunes he has to deal with as a child migrating between two homes.

Which one of them needs a guiding hand? They both do. He, towards understanding that he will suffer throughout his life if he chooses to shoulder his angst; counselling to help him address the root issue is probably the best way forward. His mother also needs to learn how to step away from the desperate frustration she feels, as she make futile attempts to pour love and logic over illogical situations.

Sometimes, walking away is the only way, at least until heart rates slow down and cool dialogue can begin. And no, this isn’t an instant fix tip, but when children are involved, it very rarely is. Just hold onto what your life was like before the breakup and affirm your love for your child. Things can only get better but it might take a little longer than you hoped.

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