Divorce Coping Tip for 10th October 2015

Cut yourself a large slice of calorific slack while you coast through your divorce.

This isn’t the best time to embark upon a diet of any sort, however much you feel you need to slice a few pounds off your mid or any other regions.

Radical alterations to eating regimes are best done when you are in a settled, confident and committed frame of mind.

You need dedication to stick to any new eating plan and if you falter, which you are likely to do (we all do on diets) you might fall from such a great height, it might zap every ounce of positive energy you have in order to recover. Quite frankly, you need all the vivacity you can lay your hands on to get through the divorce.

Healthy eating, great idea. A few treats, absolutely necessary. Torture by deprivational kilojoule, forget it.

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