Divorce Coping Tip for 7th August 2015

Practicalities regarding banking arrangements come up regularly here and this is a very important tip to ensure everyone that needs to know, is aware of the fact that you have separated.

If you have a joint bank account, you should contact the bank immediately upon separation to make the dividing lines very clear from the outset and open new accounts as necessary. However, in the UK certainly, it’s worth noting that even if you have removed yourself from a joint bank account, if your ex still has cheque books that bear both of your names, unless instructed otherwise, they can continue to use those cheque books, even though you have been removed from the account!

It seems ludicrous and I must be honest, when my divorce was concluding, my ex presented a cheque that bore my name and I was beside myself with fury and disbelief. I spoke to the bank and explained the situation and they cancelled the book immediately.

All unused cheques should have been sent back to them for cancelling but as it still had the same account number, they didn’t enforce it.

It’s more than just a name and by a long shot too.

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