Divorce Coping Tip for 4th August 2015

I regularly suggest coping strategies that help you distract yourself from the troubles of the day as you plough head on through your separation and divorce.

I think the best one I ever employed personally used words…writing that is. I penned poems and funny ditties to help me get some of the tumble-drying words out of my noggin, particularly in the wee small hours; it was a blessing keeping a notebook and pen by the bed to answer the call.

If you don’t think writing is for you, try reading. Join your local library if you aren’t a member already. Find out what their opening hours are and use them.

If you aren’t familiar with the different shelves and genres, make it your mission to find out. Library membership is free of charge, as is borrowing books, although you may incur a small fee if you order a book in that they don’t stock and you’re very likely to be charged for bringing things back late!

A juicy piece of fiction offers a terrific way of suspending reality for a while, as you dive into another world and the quiet reading space of your library can be a great place to gather your thoughts and repair your damaged soul.

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