Divorce Coping Tip for 24th August 2015

Forget all the hateful comments your ex threw at you in anger, as you both barged through the doorway at the end of your marriage.

They weren’t real, they were more likely knee-jerk reactions to a heightened situation and said to make themselves look cool as they strutted off having had the last word.

Why people get off on that last word thing I’ll never know.

However, in the early days of your separation you will undoubtedly be looking inwards and asking what went wrong.

An introspective phase where you take time for exploring self-awareness is a good thing, don’t fear it.

Indulging self-awareness will help you to recover from your present situation and it will also give you a different perspective on the world and maybe even a better foundation for the future that lies ahead.

One word of warning, don’t confuse self-awareness with being self-critical, this is about upwards and onwards only.

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